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FITSP Global is invention agency. We have both sides of a coin. Our own innovative products and projects, and we are working in partnerships together with inventors and innovative entrepreneurs on their projects from all over the globe.

Our projects

Rapid Speaker
An innovative high-speed foreign-language studying system based on the synthesis of unlimited  right (creative) brain's hemisphere possibilities , work with the subconscious and the use of ancient self-motivation,  successful objectives achievement  and events formation technics.

Amber Nano
Collagen and Elastin are responsible for the strength and elasticity of body tissues, primarily muscle tissue.
This is a basic and necessary components of a healthy and young skin, blood vessels, muscle tissue, cartilage and bones.
The slowdown of Collagen and Elastin leads to aging and senility of the body. The skin loses its elasticity and beauty, subcutaneous capillaries cease to be elastic, decreased blood supply to them. Cartilages wear out quickly, the bones lose their strength, the muscles lose their strength and ability to recover quickly.
Amber thread stimulates the generation of Collagen and Elastin in a natural way due to its unique and scientifically proven properties than contributes to the renewal and regeneration of tissues of the dermis, subdermal and subcutaneous capillary system of the body, affects the gradual recovery and normalization of overall health.
Amber thread has a wide application in everyday life, sports and rehabilitation fields.

Nanotips is the world’s first liquid solution that can make any glove touchscreen compatible. Gloves for Texting, iPhones & Smartphones Formulated using conductive polyamide nano solutions, Nanotips mimics the touch of the human skin to enable the user to interact with all smartphones, iPhone, iPads, smartwatches, tablets, and any other capacitive smart devices. Durable, extremely responsive, and works with any glove material.

Kristall Liquid
If you want to reduce the risk of scratches and the accumulation of smudges on your smartphone or tablet screen, then you need a screen protector. The problem with almost all the options on the market is that you virtually have to be in a vacuum environment if you expect to be able to apply them without any bubbles, trapped dust, or wrinkles. You also need really steady hands or the whole thing can prove to be an exercise in frustration. 

Enter Kristall with a clever liquid solution. Pop open the kit, clean your phone’s screen with the provided alcohol wipe, dry it off, and then apply the magic solution with the provided pad. Polish it on evenly, leave to dry for a couple of minutes, polish with the cloth again, and a minute later you have a protective layer on your screen that’s completely invisible.

Product features & Functions
  • Easy application and 100% bubble free
  • Enjoy the HD experience of the screen display
  • More sensitive of screen touch
  • Reduce finger marks and smudges & easy to clean the screen
  • Suitable for all size of electronic devices

TenderClub Russia
First online fully automated tender system in Russia

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From Idea To Successful Product